Visa and Permit Management

SAP SuccessFactors Visa and Permit Management

Local governments in every country work slightly different and require specific processes to be followed. This makes it difficult for local HR organisations to keep track of the ever-changing processes and to ensure they bring the right people on board at the right time.

In many cases software solutions lack integrations with local authorities. This leads to dual data entry, and manual processes that run in local point solutions, or disparate spreadsheets. This makes it difficult to get corporate insight into these processes, which results in error-prone processes.

The business impact of errors can result in serious penalties. For example, when organisations are noncompliant with permits terms and conditions, or when residence permit or business visa renewals are overdue, or if candidates do not enter the country before entry permit expiry.

The solution supports organisations in the following ways:

  • Increase compliance; through auditable processes, with the ability to define eligibility checks and approval criteria concerning classifications as well as the number of visas and permits for potential negotiations with local authorities.
  • Increase organisational efficiency; by providing central worklists, based on country specific processes, to support HR in the issuance, extension, renewal or cancellation of any type of visa and permit process.
  • Decrease risk; by allowing customers to define visa and permit processes in line with country requirements or legal constraints defined by authorities.
  • Keep constant finger on the pulse; monitor important milestones and receive reminders when important expiry dates come up.
  • Improve decision making; by providing insight into visa and permit processes and the status to HR, recruiters and employees.

The Visa and Permit Management Solution is an extension to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central based on the SAP Cloud Platform. It supports organisations that hire expats or are required to have employment legal permits. The solution facilitates the process for such employees to get the required work permit/visa to be able to work in the country. Also, the solution supports the renewal activities for the employee work/permit visa and will manage, track and provide guidance for visa processes flows. GP Strategies has a strong focus on both Employee Central as well as SAP Cloud Platform and understands the business processes and complexities of visa and work permit management.

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