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Recruitment Management

Recruitment Management

World-class business results rely on outstanding talents executing your business strategy. How do you recruit better talent for your organization?

Recruiting has changed dramatically from the days of yesterday. Once focused on automating and improving process efficiencies, organizations are now, more than ever, looking for better ways to secure the best hires that can help drive business results. Social networking, unknown just a few years ago, has changed the way recruiting works and recruiters are seeking the best way to utilize this new medium. And, organizations are looking to break through recruiting silos to align the process with the overall talent management strategy and engage the entire hiring team.

  • Built for business execution: Fully integrated with the SuccessFactors suite of business execution applications, Recruiting facilitates a strategic approach to hiring by making workforce planning, succession, and other key talent management functions integral parts of the recruiting process.

  • Right for everyone: Unlike other recruiting solutions based on older technologies, SuccessFactors Recruiting has a one-page design that combines web 2.0 technologies with a consumer-like experience that’s easy-to-use for everyone involved in the hiring process-because recruiting is a team sport.

  • Social and collaborative: Deep integration with leading social networking sites let recruiters access millions of great candidates, build relationships, and facilitate access to passive candidates and employee referrals at a fraction of the normal cost.

  • Recruiting facilitates collaboration internally to help everyone involved in the process share ideas and comments, working as a coordinated team.

Find new ways to recruit top-talent, drive greater overall productivity and execution on goals to maximize your business success. If you are live with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management, or want to take your recruiting process to the next level, you should also consider to look at SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing.

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