Employee Central Sub Modules

Once live, or as part of your initial implementation, Employee Central offers multiple sub-modules each providing a new aspect to the core functionality:

  • Position Management: Take head count and FTE reporting to the next level with position management and drive key job information through employee positions. This module is often implemented together with the core Employee Central implementation.

  • Global Assignment and Concurrent Employment: Support more complicated employee contracts where an employee is sent on a temporary assignment in a different country or division of your company or has two permanent roles as part of their job.

  • Time-Off: ‘Negative’ time registration, allows employees to request holiday, sickness and any other kind of leave. Business logic can be implemented to monitor accruals and apply approval structures on all requests.

  • Time-On: ‘Positive’ time registration, giving part time workers, blue collars, or staff employed on similar terms, the option for time registration and overtime registration. Just as with Time-Off, business logic will be designed to match the client’s requirements.

  • Benefits: Allow employees to claim reimbursements, enrol in allowance and get an overview of the provided pensions and insurances.

  • Service Centre: Integrate your internal helpdesk portal into SuccessFactors along with knowledgebase articles.

  • Additional extensibility for the Onboarding module: With Employee Central and the extensibility of the Metadata Framework (MDF) new options are available in the Onboarding module such as checklists for hiring managers.