Qualtrics Employee Engagement

World-class business results rely on outstanding talents in executing your business strategy. As competition becomes harsher, employee engagement is at the top of the agenda in many organisations across the world. Qualtrics solutions gather employee experience data throughout the entire employee lifecycle, surface predictive and personal insights based on employee feedback, and empower HR leaders and managers to act on those insights quickly – all designed to improve the employee experience. Qualtrics HR related modules are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and empower HR leaders and practitioners to improve employee experiences.

GP Strategies is leading the path in this area, providing consultancy and guidance within the following Qualtrics areas.

Qualtrics Employee Engagement

This solution pinpoints experience, engagement, and productivity drivers so HR leaders and managers can act in real-time. Powered by intelligent analytics, Qualtrics Employee Engagement analyzes open-text responses and runs statistical analyses to predict the biggest engagement and impact drivers within an organization, such as company benefits or manager-employee relationships. Managers also have access to role-based dashboards that contain focus areas and insights on where they can drive improvements for their individual teams. An add on to this module is Employee Pulse Add-on which supports delivering ad hoc pulse-like surveys in addition to annual surveys.

Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle

This solution delivers real-time and actionable insights on employee experiences across the entire employee journey. It leverages expert content from Qualtrics XM Solutions to provide onboarding and exit content, workflow, and automation that can be built directly into an organization’s existing HR processes. Qualtrics is expected to hit SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding & Offboarding quite soon. HR leaders can leverage Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle to create and understand personalized employee experiences. Understanding employee experience becomes possible through triggering surveys at specific milestones, such as first-day onboarding, training, promotion, exit, and more.

Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer

This solution uses a choice-based conjoint methodology to quickly identify the ideal benefits and compensation packages for an organization’s unique culture and budget. Most importantly, it puts employee feedback at the center of the benefits design process. The solution simulates benefits trade-offs employees are willing to make; offers guided configuration, and delivers real-time trends and reports on the most impactful and optimal benefits packages.

These are not the only HR-relevant Qualtrics solutions but are the ones that will initially be integrated into SAP SuccessFactors solution. For all three Qualtrics modules, the integration with SAP SuccessFactors provides seamless user experience as well as data integration. Reporting & Analytics takes place in Qualtrics Analytics tools.

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