Guide-based EC Transaction for Managers App for SuccessFactors: GP Verdandi

The Challenge

Managers complained about poor user experience and high complexity when doing job changes on their direct reports in SuccessFactors. The inability to limit fields based on event reason created confusion on what needed to be updated for a given change. Data quality was low because users made mistakes or forgot to update dependent objects like position.

Our Solution

Verdandi is a wizard that guides managers to a form that only displays relevant fields and information. A decision tree that is based on simple questions guides the manager to the correct form. Complex sync and alignment between objects happen in the background without the managers having to worry about it.

Business Impact

A planned rollback of manager responsibilities in SuccessFactors due to internal complaints is avoided. A simple and sleek form allows any manager to submit changes without supporting job aids to guide them through the change. Ability to enhance the tool with further processes down the road.

About GP Strategies

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