Lean EC Hire Wizard App for SuccessFactors: GP Ragnar

The Challenge

We noticed that the user adoption of SuccessFactors Employee Central was low among retail store managers. Processes like the new hire wizard in SuccessFactors was perceived as confusing and very data-heavy. Managers were often very busy and needed a quicker and simpler solution. By standard, the new hire wizard in Employee Central could not be configured to gain enough impact.

Our Solution

GP Strategies lean hire wizard, GP Ragnar, is a replacement for the standard Employee Central new hire wizard and has a dedicated focus only on the data the managers actually need to access.
Ragnar allows full control and mapping of data, e.g. fetching data from the position and mapping to employee in the background while hiding nonvalue-adding fields from the UI, for a more focused UI experience for the manager.

Business Impact

By utilising the GP Ragnar extension, you get improved user adoption among retail managers of the overall system. You gain more control of the data quality by hardcoding the data mappings, you shorten the data entry time for e.g. managers when performing a hire, and the hire flow field count is reduced from 100+ fields to 30.

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About GP Strategies

GP Strategies SuccessFactors EMEA Practice has completed more than 900 SAP SuccessFactors projects in more than 80 countries worldwide during the last 17 years. We are covering all major industries and we provide continued operational support and maintenance for more than 90 companies. We are an SAP Gold Partner, and we have been awarded SAP Recognized Expertise in all SAP SuccessFactors areas. Together with our customers, we have won 13 Quality Awards in four years.  Contact us if you need guidance on how to get the most out of your SuccessFactors solution.