External User Admin App for SuccessFactors: GP Embla


Training and giving access to externals on manufacturing facilities. The creation of a setup that supports large numbers of external local administrators in creating employees quickly and efficiently for their organisation, with minimal training. How to allow external employees to take mandatory training to access power plants, building sites or other high-security areas directly after being created in the system.

Our Solution

We built the custom SCP application EMBLA to close functional and UX gaps faced by the client. Embla enables the outsourcing of all administrative work with creating external workers within the Learning Management System. No more user creation delay between systems, allowing workers to log in instantly after being created. The user interface is simple, with minimal need for training. Grants easy access support mechanism to external administrators to reduce internal latency and effort.

Business Impact

The solution is integrated with SF OData API’s. SuccessFactors was extended to allow internal administrators and gate managers use the solution as well, due to better user experience compared to standard SuccessFactors functionality for key processes.

About GP Strategies

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