Classic Reporting

Classic Reporting

HR analytics is a highly effective mechanism for aiding corporate agility. As with any strategic initiative, the ability to access, analyze, and report on success or failure is paramount. The right tools enable an organization to plan and execute critical goals and avoid talent-related disruptions along the way.

The SuccessFactors suite has a flexible framework for creating analytics and reports to fulfil your reporting needs. Some reporting features are free to use and work out-of-the-box, others require either training or support from an implementation partner. In high level, the tools are:

Standard Dashboards

SuccessFactors deliver a range of standard dashboards. These are powerful tools aimed at ensuring that your talent processes can be monitored and issues identified in real-time. Examples include Performance & Goal Management Dashboard, Competency Dashboard and Recruiting Dashboard. The target users are line managers and HR users.


SuccessFactors delivers a range of standard tiles that can be deployed to relevant groups of users and made visible via the home page tile framework. These are tools aimed to ensure talent processes can be monitored and made visible to end-users such as line managers. Examples include Goal Status Tile, Performance Form Status Tile. The target users are line managers and to some extent HR users.

It is possible via Report Centre to build custom visualizations of employee and talent data. The builder allows you to build visual representations of simple pivot tables as pie charts, bar charts or line charts. Possibilities include headcount split by Gender, Performance Rating Average per Business Unit and many more. The target users are line managers and HR users.

It is also possible via a 3rd party tool “YouCalc Builder” (provided by SAP to selected partners) to construct visualisations, filtering capabilities and more that is not possible in the simpler Admin Centre Home Page Tile Builder. This allows more flexibility to build custom visualisations of employee and talent data. The tiles are deployed the same way as standard tiles, but the development can only be done in the YouCalc Builder tool The target users are line managers and HR users.

You can use the Report Centre tool “Dashboard” to combine standard tiles and custom tiles into custom dashboards. The target users are line managers and HR users.

Report Table

Report Table is a list view reporting tool. Target users include HR & IT users who need to create simple list views of talent and employee data. The target users are IT and HR users.

Report Canvas

Report Canvas is an advanced ad-hoc reporting and visual reporting feature. This feature is available and ready to use in SuccessFactors out-of-the-box. Canvas is designed as a self-service non-technical reporting tool. The target users are typically HR users as well as line managers.

All Dashboards and Analytics respect Role-Based Permissions. Sharing reports and dashboards can be done in various ways, depending on what best suits your needs.

Building actionable HR reporting & analytics requires domain knowledge, company knowledge and report to knowledge. GP Strategies provides domain and tool knowledge; you provide the company knowledge. From the offset, it is always key to understand the business requirements. GP Strategies has a report build methodology including a workbook specification template, ready to use. This will kickstart the process and make the development lean and effective.

Together we can build the HR analytics that makes your solution more valuable.

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