Turn Data into Smiles with Qualtrics & GP Strategies

In a present-day organisation, it is essential to maintain continual awareness of how people experience you and how to offer brand, customer and employee experiences that meet and exceed their expectations. The experiences your company can deliver are often the only thing that sets your business apart from others. The most successful companies take a comprehensive approach to Experience Management (XM). They understand XM is not exclusively about the customer experience or employee experience but also the interdependence between all experience disciplines. At GP Strategies, we are ready to support you in every step of your Experience Management journey.

Brand Experience (BX), Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX)

Our experts are certified in BX, CX and EX within Qualtrics. And what does that mean? We have the methodologies, recommended best practices and practical guides to enable you to build your XM program and transform your brand, customer and employee experiences. The deep symbiosis between brand, customer and employees qualifies companies to attract and retain customers and employees at scale and possible through Qualtrics XM Operating System.

Qualtrics enables companies to deliver differentiated experiences by listening, generating insights and rapidly adapting to meet the everchanging needs and expectations of every stakeholder in a company’s XM ecosystem. The sole requirement to begin your Qualtrics journey with GP Strategies is that your organisation is wanting to focus on increasing retention and decreasing turnover whether you wish to improve your brand experience, customer experience, employee experience, or all three.

What Do We Offer?

The following video presents what GP Strategies and Qualtrics can offer you and your organisation:

As an SAP gold partner, GP Strategies has a unique position to deliver consultancy and support to clients who wish to integrate Qualtrics into their existing SuccessFactors landscape to improve their Experience Management. We integrate and deliver support within three different areas of Qualtrics: Employee Engagement, Employee Life Cycle and Employee Benefits Optimizer.

Benefits of Qualtrics include:

  • Intuitive and simple Experience Management

  • Drive engagement and retention by optimising every touchpoint in the employee or customer journey

  • Higher conversions as digital experiences are based on contextual omni-channel analytics

  • Lower cost and improve effectiveness by optimising every touchpoint in the customer or employee journey

  • Improve the quality of insights as you reach a targeted strategic audience

  • Increase loyalty with rapid product innovation based on customers’ needs

  • Multiple access methods e.g., QR codes and personal invites

  • Transparency within departments

  • Realtime dashboards available for all stakeholders

Want to know more? In this case study, a global chemical distributor partnered with GP Strategies to enhance their engagement management after years of declining engagement. Read their story.

Deep Dive Webinar: Professionally Certified Qualtrics Consultant John Bestgen will guide you through and discuss the features and functionalities of Qualtrics Employee XM. Watch here. (approx. 45 min)

About GP Strategies

GP Strategies SuccessFactors Practice has completed more than 1000 SAP SuccessFactors projects in more than 100 countries worldwide throughout the past 18 years. Our 225 consultants are covering all major industries and provide continued operational support and maintenance for more than 125 companies. We are an SAP Gold Partner, and we have been awarded SAP Recognized Expertise in all SAP SuccessFactors areas. Entering the SAP Hall of Fame, we received the Partner Excellence Award in 2020 and 2021. Working together with our customers, we have won 13 Quality Awards in four years.  Contact us if you need guidance on how to get the most out of your SuccessFactors solution.