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SuccessFactors Release Schedule 2020

Biannual SuccessFactors Release Schedule

SAP SuccessFactors has announced that from 2020 and onwards, SuccessFactors releases will occur twice per year instead of quarterly. Based on customer feedback, SAP SuccessFactors will provide a five-week Preview period prior to Production releases. SAP may modify the Second Half 2020 Preview Release on October 16, 2020, if any issues are identified after the First Half 2020 Release.

2020 Release Dates

First Half 2020 Release: Preview – April 10, 2020/Production – June 5, 2020.

Second Half 2020 Release: – Preview – October 16, 2020*/Production – November 20, 2020.

Affected Products: All products previously on a quarterly cadence will follow the twice a year schedule.

Unaffected Products: The monthly release schedule for SAP SuccessFactors Mobile and Recruiting Posting will continue as before.

As usual, non-disruptive, business-critical or compliance-related fixes will continue to occur within regularly scheduled maintenance windows.

Biannual release schedule benefits

First of all, reducing the release cadence from four to two releases per year will improve system stability and the risk of introducing bugs to your system will decrease.
Secondly, with the introduction of biannual instead of quarterly releases, SAP SuccessFactors will have more time to work on even more functionality and innovation.
Furthermore, the new release schedule will give SuccessFactors customers more time to understand, test and adopt opt-in features from the new releases.
From a project perspective, slowing down the frequency of releases means less interruption to projects being implemented.

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