HR for Retail

What is unique about HR in the retail sector?

Put simply, the key for HR in retail is to drive the customer experience through the employee experience.

Retailers are working hard to unify online and offline worlds, a transformation that depends not only on new technology and new business models but also on new ways of engaging the workforce. Because employees are often the face and voice of the brand for customers, retailers are rethinking how they recruit, onboard, and manage their workers. To provide exceptional customer experiences, retailers must attract and develop a consistent workforce and equip workers with the product knowledge and systems information that they need to do their jobs. In addition, store managers and employees need to effectively manage schedules, anticipate changes in customer preferences, and predict in-store and online staffing needs. By managing the workforce as a strategic priority, retailers can reduce turnover, enrich the employee experience, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Employee Experience Management solutions from SAP SuccessFactors and partners help retailers measure employee experiences, identify key experience gaps, and create a culture that promotes customer service and ties employees’ day-to-day experiences to strategic business goals. These technologies help you measure and analyse employee feedback while closing the loop on information that needs immediate attention. Integrated HR capabilities and self-service tools allow you to make workforce management a strategic priority, improve customer satisfaction by developing a knowledgeable and empowered workforce while creating an inclusive, engaging experience. Built around a digital core, these solutions offer a straightforward way to embed intelligent technologies, leverage analytics, and extend functionality so you can create a best-in-class employee experience that supports your business goals.

Empower Your HR Leaders with Tools to Improve Employee Experience

As competition becomes harsher, employee engagement is at the top of the agenda in many organisations across the world. The solutions from Qualtrics gather employee experience data throughout the entire employee lifecycle, surface predictive and personal insights based on employee feedback, and empower HR leaders and managers to act on those insights quickly – all designed to improve the employee experience. Qualtrics HR related modules are integrated with SAP SuccessFactors and empower HR leaders and practitioners to improve employee experiences. Read more.

Use HR to Drive Growth

• Accelerate your hire process with the lean EC hire wizard GP Ragnar
• Optimise your shift planning with Workforce Software or UKG Advanced Workforce Planning
• Extend your training to shop floor workers with LMS & Litmos

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