Get Top Ranking in Record Time with SAP SuccessFactors Career Site Builder

In the following, I will discuss how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Recruiting Marketing can help you in your SEO rankings.

Meta Titles

The Career Site Builder platform includes sections for the regular meta title, meta keyword, and meta description.
The meta title is an important part of optimizing a career site, and it’s distinct from the headline on the page itself. It acts as a name tag for the web page. The title is displayed on your browser tab and tells you what page you’re on. Meta titles are also read by search engine robots and seen by users searching the web. Because of this, it’s important to use a title that is strong for search engines yet makes sense to people surfing the web.

Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are behind-the-scene words or phrases that are not visible on the web page. They were previously an important part of search engine algorithms but have since then been devalued, because they were being abused by site owners, making low-quality pages appear in the top of search results. It is uncertain if meta keywords are completely out of the algorithms or not.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are short descriptions used to create awareness for your website and encourage users to visit it. Optimizing your meta description enables you to advertise your website in search results. This description is usually displayed in the search results.
On average, it takes about 100 days to get to the top of the search results with a dedicated effort, but what if you don’t have the time or the resources to put in the work? Career Site Builder is here to save the day.

Top Jobs

Career Site Builder offers a functionality called Top Jobs. Previously, this feature has been referred to as SEO pages or keyword pages, which may have been a more relatable name. The Top Jobs search page is continually and automatically updated with search terms that candidates have used that brought them to the site. It is a combination of terms that candidates have searched for pre-ranked pages (for example, strategy and support pages) or for new unranked pages (keyword and SEO pages).

An example is you can also test this on your own site by adding the /topjobs/ your Success Factors career site URL, provided you have a recruiting marketing site implemented, this has a multiplying SEO effect, as terms that are used in searches are presented in this list and then indexed by search engines again.
The next time someone searches for the same or a similar term, the previous search is used to forward the candidate to the search result.

Client Example

The customer went live in December 2019. They have since posted 115 jobs to their career site, and Top Jobs functionality has generated 161 pages that are indexed by the search engines.
The result is that the company now shows up as the third-place result when searching the company name and careers in Google. Using, the career site appears first.
Raising the site into the top three in search results within 3 months, without doing any added SEO work or link building, goes to show the value of Career Site Builder.

How to get started?

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