Employee Central Optimisation Workshop

The challenge of building a solid HCM infrastructure often represent a journey rather than a destination. Rapidly evolving SaaS technologies and shifting requirements demand agility and flexibility of any HR organisation that wants to keep up in the ever-changing business landscape.

Employee Central Optimisation Workshop

At GP Strategies we don’t believe that a successful HCM solution is determined at go-live. In our view, the long-term key to success is an organisation’s ability to continuously realise value from their solution as well as the many new functions and features that each release offers. Based on this knowledge, we have developed an Optimisation Workshop, focusing on client pain points and need for optimisation.

The offering is provided free of charge for a limited time and provides your organisation an opportunity to address current issues, understand possibilities for refining processes and configurations and ensure that your solution is robust enough to stand the test of time. It provides business value that can be used on both an operational and strategical level.

The offer includes:

  • A full day workshop with a SAP Professional Certified SuccessFactors consultant

  • Input and recommendations for your road map priorities

  • Walkthrough of 12 month SAP SuccessFactors road map

  • Qualified guidance and recommendations in actionable format

Who would benefit from an Optimisation Workshop?

There are many scenarios where an optimisation workshop could add value to your organisation. Whether you need to resolve high-priority issues or simply want to improve on your current setup, some of the most common examples include:

  • Your team has an expanding list of issues that cannot be resolved with the existing support.

  • You would like to re-evaluate existing configurations and processes.

  • Quarterly upgrades have not been activated and you are not sure where to begin.

  • HR business processes need to be redesigned.

  • You have manual processes that you would like to automate.

If you would like GP Strategies to facilitate a FREE Employee Central Optimisation Workshop for your organisation, please contact us.

Why GP Strategies?

GP Strategies SuccessFactors EMEA Practice has completed more than 900 SAP SuccessFactors projects in more than 80 countries worldwide during the last 17 years. We are covering all major industries and we provide continued operational support and maintenance for more than 90 companies. We are an SAP Gold partner, and we have been awarded SAP Recognized Expertise in all SAP SuccessFactors areas. Together with our customers, we have won 13 SAP Quality Awards in four years