Employee Central Payroll – It’s a Game Changer

SuccessFactors Payroll is an innovation in payroll technology that has changed the game. But, who is it for? It’s for those who have or intend to have SuccessFactors HR because they work together. It’s for those who want to level up their payroll teams and work smarter and improve service. It’s for those that value true compliance in data, in technology, in-process and in legal regulation. It’s for leaders who want insight and information on which to drive business strategy. It’s for organisations with a clear cloud strategy. It is, most probably, for you.

Are You Committed to the Cloud?

Payroll is that HXM (Human Experience Management) process where there is absolutely no room for error. Any scenario that involves the risk of your employees not getting paid on time must be avoided. Changing systems is a daunting task, but Employee Central Payroll from SAP is an investment being taken by many companies – over 500 to date – as the move to cloud technology continues and companies fight to stay ahead in their markets.

Free Up Time for Your Payroll Team Every Month

Payroll must be timely and efficient and meet every regulatory requirement. The days when running the payroll was often stressful, condensed into short timeframes with teams digging through error logs, reports, checking tools, having to create Excel lookups to find payroll related errors, which can be a thing of the past.
SAP has designed its payroll system for this issue and created the Payroll Control Center (PCC). The PCC allows the payroll team to process, monitor, identify and assign and resolve errors. It will push flags and errors in real-time to the payroll managers, who then can assign the errors to the payroll administrators smoothly, using default rules where team members can catch errors in the payroll error queue for resolution.

A Secure and Compliant Payroll System

With SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, SAP really has redefined what we can expect of a payroll solution. In the Payroll Control Centre, errors can be processed, monitored and assigned to payroll specialists in real-time. Intuitive self-service features make life easier for the HR team. By pairing SuccessFactors Employee Central with self-service features for employees, error rates are reduced. Furthermore, ECP is fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Time Management. Other great features are off-cycle support, back payments and payroll processing for multiple employment.

Why Employee Central Payroll?

Some consider running payroll with an in-company team to be costly and would rather outsource it. But, driving highly efficient processes with full control, oversight and compliance, using SAP’s cloud payroll, has changed how leaders now see this. With Employee Central Payroll you get the benefits of in-house processing combined with the cost savings from the cloud. On top of that, it is easily scalable to align with your business needs. In terms of global payroll capabilities, SAP SuccessFactors is a trusted leader and is used globally.

How Do We Take Payroll to the Cloud?

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is a combination of proven technology and innovation.
It has been engineered to work exclusively with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. For businesses using the original SAP on-premise payroll, there is a migration path to SuccessFactors payroll and the upgrade is proven and reliable. The complementary nature of payroll with HR in SuccessFactors is a short project with numerous benefits outlined above. The key message is businesses should be planning the change and understanding what a typical project looks like, in order to capitalise on the benefits of this technology.

5 Key Benefits

• The best payroll application for companies running SuccessFactors HR
• Full compliance with data, legal, business processes
• Outstanding reporting and analytics
• Process improvement and efficiency with PCC
• Global and rapid deployment

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