How Working from Home is Affecting your Employees

Find out what shape your organisation is in with the free Remote Work Pulse from Qualtrics

The global COVID-19 outbreak is having a deep impact on the way work is organised in most organisations. Changing to working remotely from one day to another is not an easy adjustment. Both employees and organisations are doing the best they can to cope with this frightening and unusual situation.

There are three things every organisation must focus on right now:

1. Make sure your employees feel safe and supported
2. Ensure that employees have the tools they need
3. Enable your employees success so that they stay productive

GP Strategies is pleased to announce that beginning immediately, Qualtrics has made their Remote Work Pulse publicly available and free for all organisations. With this survey, you can quickly find out how your employees are feeling and what they need. With this information at hand, you can act quickly to help your employees so that they can stay productive.

The solution is made up of two separate surveys. Both surveys come pre-configured and can be launched within an hour. The survey is not just for existing Qualtrics-customers, it can be launched by any organsiation.

  • The Quick Check-In is a basic, quick “how are you”

  • The Remote Readiness Evaluation is a feedback survey starting out with how the employee is feeling, then broadering out the scope to include questions about various subjects related to remote working, such as organisation, communication, technology and sense of purpose

GP Strategies is leading the path in the area of Qualtrics, providing consultancy and guidance on employee experience management (EX). At GP Strategies we believe that employees’ well-being is important, and we are therefore offering to help you set up one of the two standard surveys free of charge. Contact us if you want to empower your organisation with the free Remote Work Pulse from Qualtrics.

Read more about the free survey here:

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