At GP Strategies we are fully committed to helping clients standardise as they make the move to the cloud, with the forecast of new performance benchmarks, reduced operating costs and an HR system that is continuously evolving. However, a standardised form does not work for everyone. You might be forced to extend the functionality provided by the cloud. Yet, you still want to support your organisation from the cloud. Well, that is no longer a roadblock on your company’s journey to the cloud. With the SAP Business Technology Platform, you can customize your solution to fit your specific need.

Benefits on extensions

  • Do you want to optimise a critical process that has high volume and cannot be implemented efficiently in SuccessFactors?

  • Perhaps you need to support a complex process that cannot be simplified?

  • Do you have higher requirements than normal for the user interface due to the target audience?

  • Or do you want to pull data from multiple systems into one overview/form/action?

The SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and it enables clients to host a custom-developed solution. This means allowing you to extend SuccessFactors into areas of your organisation where you either cannot or do not wish to use the standard solutions offered by SAP. In fact, it can be used to extend any system with API capabilities. The SAP Business Technology Platform contains a powerful toolkit of services ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT), gamification, and machine learning to a fully web-based development UI. Applications are built to easily fetch and model data from OData APIs and align with the FIORI design guidelines to seamlessly support your organisation’s processes in the cloud. Here, you will find all the latest info on our customized extensions. They are built to support standardised parts of your SAP solution but helps to solve your specific wishes.