Manager Checklist Tool: GP Vidar

The Challenge

When you are a manager at a company, you are expected to deliver on a wide range of different tasks – everything from buying a cake for an anniversary to completing an annual performance review among employees. With a standard SuccessFactors solution, these tasks will be identified and the applicable manager will be notified regarding the task through an email. A large client of GP Strategies experienced these notifications as a challenge due to the fact that the tasks would often be forgotten in an excess of emails. Therefore, they requested an uncomplicated manager dashboard where tasks would be automatically stored and displayed instead of endless notifications via email.

Our Solution

GP Vidar provides the manager with a clear-cut overview of former, current and future tasks. It is accessible for both managers and employees. Still, their dashboards consist of different functionalities. GP Vidar enables the manager to act on their tasks, e.g. flagging a task as complete when the appropriate action has been taken. All tasks are also prioritized from low to high to achieve an even clearer overview. In short, GP Vidar successfully generates a cohesive dashboard experience for our clients and makes it effortless for the manager to administer tasks in the workplace.

Business Impact

GP Vidar reduces the number of automated e-mails and shows the data through a dashboard. The simple and sleek form allows a better overview of different tasks for managers and employees.

About GP Strategies

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