Extension: Heimdall

Role-Based Permissions (RBP) groups are often manually maintained based on named users. The challenge with this practice is that managing this part of the system configuration can be sensitive, time consuming and difficult to properly document and audit.

As a solution, GP Strategies has developed the extension Heimdall.

How does it work?

Heimdall extends RBP to better support managed roles that cannot be granted based on user data or job relationships. Identified approvers can review access requests submitted by users, and approve these without having access to the RBP framework that is adjusted based on approved requests.

Features and Benefits:

  • User Friendly: Following the SAP Fiori design guidelines, you are ensured a solution that blends easily with your existing SAP solutions. The simple and clean UI ensures a positive user experience and engagement.

  • Reduced Lag Times: When you remove the burden of manually updating RBP groups from your central RBP administrator, you achieve a quicker response time on user access requests.

  • Automated & Traceable: Access management is an integral part of your company’s overall GDPR compliance. Move your documentation process from manual to fully automated and traceable.

  • Self Service: Empower your users by letting them browse for access roles, submit requests and remove already granted roles when no longer necessary.

Want to know more?

You can find the Heimdall app in the SAP App Center or read more about GP Strategies and SAP Cloud Platform Extensions here.

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