Webinar: GP Strategies Base Model Approach for SuccessFactors

Base Model Approach: A Streamlined Approach to Implementing SAP SuccessFactors

Is your organisation about to embark on an SAP SuccessFactors implementation?

There are many requirements and customisations that can cloud your project and leave you with a solution that doesn’t quite work as was initially desired.

The GP Strategies Base Model Approach is a preconfigured SAP SuccessFactors solution aimed at helping your company get a solid foundation for your organisation’s cloud HR system with minimal maintenance. It is ideal for any company looking for a solid starting point and best practices for its SAP SuccessFactors implementation.

This webinar is hosted by GP Strategies’ SAP SuccessFactors expert Minna Raisanen, who will walk you through many of the common challenges associated with implementation. She will also explain how you can quickly complete your implementation and get a stable base environment to use and build on as time provides.