Case Study: Validated SuccessFactors Learning for a Medical Devices Company


A Danish medical devices company, employing about 2,800 white- and blue-collar workers around the world, needed to ensure that all employees comply with the newest version of the Quality HandBooks (QHBs) and Instructions (INS), and participate in other forms of compliance training. Many of the blue-collar workers do not have access to a work computer or other devices, so the challenge was not only managing the compliance training, but also ensuring that all employees receive it.


For their learning management solution, the company chose the SuccessFactors validated learning management system (vLMS) in cooperation with their existing SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) implementation. Along with GP Strategies®, they worked to implement and integrated the vLMS with their current environment, creating a seamless and training compliant solution.

Validated learning comes as four different learning environments: Sandbox, Stage, Pre-Production, and Production. Because the company has three EC instances, the fourth learning instance (Sandbox) is currently used as a standalone environment for testing learning setups.

Implementing an LMS requires the creation of learning types needed by the company, and for this organization, the types are as follows:
• Classroom for compliance training
• Classroom for general training
• eLearning
• INS read & understand
• Intranet
• On-the-job-training
• QHB read & understand

Collections, external training, programs, and QuickGuide systems are also present in their environment.

Business Impact

After working with GP Strategies, the company received three vLMSs integrated with their existing EC instances. All compliance training is now housed in one place and integrated with the company’s document handling/versioning system. All learning history from the Lotus Notes and Excel archive was imported into the global LMS, ensuring that information is accurate and readily available. The company now has one global LMS where compliance training is controlled and learning history is maintained, guaranteeing that their employees receive the required training to comply with regulations. This system also makes it easier for administrators when an audit requires a total list of users and their compliance.


• Three validated learning management systems were integrated with existing EC instances
• Compliance training now meets legal requirements
• Previous record-keeping is now automated

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