Our company is managed by senior executives with decades of experiences in the professional services industry, Software as a Service and Human Expereince Management areas.

Managing Director

Managing Director Mikkel B. Krogsdal-Wogensen has headed the company since 2004. Mikkel has a consulting background from PWC and IBM over 20 years. Mikkel takes part in negotiations, steering groups as well as overseeing our team of project managers. Connect with Mikkel on LinkedIn

Sales and Commercial Relations

Sales Director Finn Wichmann Lund has led our commercial activities since 2011. Finn has held various roles in the IT and professional services industry for 20 years. Finn is responsible for contract negotiations and sales. Finn is also responsible for our customer engagement and solution adoption services. Connect with Finn on LinkedIn

Business Development & Partners

Business Development Director Erik Ebert has been with us since 2003 and has held various roles during this time. Erik has a background as a consultant spanning more than 20 years in professional services and management consulting. Erik is responsible for business development, partner relationships and contributes on client and industry events. Connect with Erik on LinkedIn