Why join GP Strategies? 

You are ambitious, you strive for excellence and you always look for new ways to make good things better. You are a person who can succeed in many places; a sought-after type with great recommendations on your CV.

So, you can choose just about any company as your next stop on your consulting career path. Why would joining GP Strategies be the next great thing for you to do?

First of all, you will join a successful company with a proven track record and a great market reputation - according to our clients. We have been around for more than 20 years, and have worked with SuccessFactors since 2005. We are financially solid, and we have not registered a deficit during the past 17 years. Our client base is growing, our skill set is growing and our ability to execute our strategy is rapidly growing.

We have high ambitions in every single client engagement - and we have many ambitions to develop and improve ourselves in the coming years. This means that you will be challenged every day. But it also means you will have great possibilities for personal and professional development. In other words, you will learn new things for yourself, you will bring all your skills and expertise into play, and you will share your learnings and expertise with your colleagues and clients.

We are an international company with the ability to deliver our services over a broad geographical area. This is possible because we have a lean and effective delivery model where we have peeled off all unnecessary processes and shaped our organisation to suit our market and clients expectations.

In short, we have great clients, great colleagues and work with great partners.

The past has been great and the future looks bright and shiny. We are a growing company, constantly seeking implementation consultants and project managers.

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